Savyll Gin & Tonic

English | Cymraeg

A review of Savyll Gin & Tonic.

ABV: 0%
Calories per bottle: 70 (28 per 100ml)
Score: See below - our taste-testers just couldn't agree!

This review was written by our team with help from guest authors Adela Meer and Susan Laurie

There is a whole war of words going on at the moment in the spirits world, with the Wine and Spirit Trade Association declaring that drinks shouldn’t be called “gin” if they don’t contain any alcohol. Savyll obviously didn’t get that memo, since this drink is still called “Gin and Tonic” rather than one of the wordier alternatives suggested by the WTSA.

But naming issues aside, what’s this drink like? One of our taste-testers said it was “exactly like a G&T”, whilst another picked up “fresh lime aromas, botanical flavours, and a sharp and spicy edge like the real thing” (although they found the aftertaste less pleasant). Our reviewers completely disagreed in the scores they gave: five out of five from one, and just one out of five from another. It just goes to show: taste really is a matter of…err… taste.

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