Sipling Old Cuban

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A review of Sipling Old Cuban.

ABV: 0%
Calories per bottle: 112 (45 per 100ml)
Score: 4 out of 5

Despite the name, Old Cuban isn’t really very old at all. According to people who know about these things, it was invented by Audrey Saunders at New York’s Pegu Club sometime after 2005, as a variation on the traditional Mojito – swapping aged dark rum for white rum and adding a splash of Angostura bitters.

This new alcohol-free version from London-based Sipling promises flavours of spiced rum, Prosecco, mint and lime, and we loved it! It’s got an intriguing cloudy golden hue, a hint of mint, but not too much, and just a little bit of spice. Nice!

You can order it direct from Sipling, either on its own or as part of a mixed tasting pack of six different drinks. Other sales outlets are sure to be on the way.

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