Coaching for HR teams and line managers to support staff with an alcohol problem

We provide coaching for managers and HR teams working with staff members who may have difficulty controlling their drinking or managing an alcohol-related incident.

Almost eight in 10 employers (77%) interviewed identified alcohol as a major threat to employee wellbeing and a factor encouraging sickness absence.

Most adults in the UK drink alcohol, and around 1 in 5 of us say that we regularly drink above the low-risk guidelines of no more than 14 units per week. Many of us don’t think about alcohol harm as a serious issue, yet alcohol can have a damaging effect on workplace productivity, safety, health and morale – but this is avoidable.

Our approach

Should an employee be in breach of the policy or come forward to request help with an alcohol use disorder, Alcohol Change UK can provide any of the following on an ad-hoc basis:

  • Guidance to HR, the individual’s line manager or any other stakeholder on how to proceed with either support or taking more formal action
  • Advice on appropriate support interventions for the individual and anyone else affected by their drinking
  • Therapeutic sessions online to support the individual’s recovery or to help to prepare them for face-to-face treatment.

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