Creating workplace films for use in induction sessions

Supporting your awareness and education work, we can provide unique website content for your wellbeing portal. This can include films, stories, and interactive tools – based on the content that we know works.

We can also work with you to create engaging information videos on all aspects of alcohol harm. Videos are an ideal way to raise awareness of alcohol harm at work particularly during induction.

Topics can include any one or all the following:

1. Alcohol and mental health
a. How alcohol impacts on mental health
b. Alcohol and depression, anxiety and sleep
c. Drinking during a pandemic
c. Things that will help
2. Mindful drinking
a. What is mindful drinking?
b. The benefits (mental health, enjoyment, reduction)
c. Steps you can take to be more mindful
3. Change one thing
a. Why do you want to make changes?
b. What do you want to change?
c. Tips, tricks and tools
4. What is a unit of alcohol and why does it matter?
a. What is alcohol?
b. Current low risk guidelines
c. What is a unit of alcohol?
d. Working out units in your drinks
5. Alcohol and your brain
a. What happens in your brain when you drink?
b. Feeling better/feeling worse
c. Blackouts
d. Mood and memory
6. How do you know if you’ve got a problem with drinking?
a. What concerns you?
b. The Four Ls; WHO definition
c. Using the Check your drinking AUDIT on the Alcohol Change website
7. How can I help someone whose drinking is getting out of control?
a. Show you care
b. Choose your moment
c. Think safety, not stopping
d. The Cycle of Change

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