Training for line managers

This one-day training programme gives managers the skills and confidence to respond appropriately to alcohol-related harm in the workplace.

“Managers and supervisors should be trained to recognise the signs of problems with alcohol. They should know what to do if they suspect an employee has a problem or if they are approached by an employee who declares a problem.”

British Medical Association Alcohol, drugs and the workplace

We offer an interactive one-day training programme giving managers the skills, confidence and knowledge to spot and respond appropriately to alcohol-related harm in the workplace. Training will enable managers to identify appropriate opportunities for raising the topic of alcohol with employees and identify those who may be at risk of harm or who may have difficulty controlling their drinking.

Training can be delivered face-to-face or online and will include information on how and where to signpost for further support.

Supporting your tactical interventions work, our training gives line managers confidence to:

  • Model a healthy drinking culture, in line with the policy
  • Identify potential drinking problems – many managers find it hard to know what’s a drinking problem, and what is not
  • Be the first line of intervention – many managers have no idea how to approach such situations

It will also equip managers with effective evidence-based tools recommended by the Department of Health, NICE and World Health Organisation.

“I cannot recommend Lauren and Alcohol Change UK highly enough for their professional, engaging, and thought-provoking workshops."

Business Insight Manager at Baxi Group

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