Sainsbury’s Low Alcohol Cider

English | Cymraeg

A review of Sainsbury's Low Alcohol Cider - a low alcohol supermarket cider. With added sugar this cider is overly sweet.



ABV: 0.9%
Calories per bottle: 150 (30 per 100ml)

Like Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s deserve some credit for being one of only a few supermarkets to offer customers a low-alcohol cider. Since this one is produced for them by Westons, we had high hopes for it.

Sadly, it seems that Westons keep their best cider to sell under their own label, and this one they’ve made for Sainsbury’s is unlikely to knock Stowford Press 0.5% off the top spot.

Like Morrison’s Low Alcohol Cider, this one has added sugar, which was probably a mistake. Maturation in oak vats doesn’t seem to have done a great deal for the colour or the flavour either.

As with so many of the less-appealing alcohol free beers, this cider feels like Hobson’s choice – you’d have if you had to do but you wouldn’t search it out.

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