Protect public health

We call on the Government to use the upcoming Alcohol Strategy to protect public health through policies such as a comprehensive review of alcohol duties, tighter restrictions on alcohol marketing and improved licensing.

The Alcohol Charter is supported by over 30 organisations across the drugs and alcohol sector, and has received increasing cross-party parliamentary support.

To protect public health, we call on the Government to:

  • Launch a comprehensive review of alcohol duties in preparation for a post-Brexit taxation structure that better reflects alcohol strength across categories and addresses anomalies between categories.
  • Introduce Minimum Unit Pricing in England, following the lead of other home nations.
  • Develop a Government-funded programme of health campaigns, without industry involvement and in line with the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines, to increase public knowledge of alcohol and its links to a wide range of physical and mental health conditions.
  • Develop statutory minimum requirements for labelling alcohol products. This should include health warnings, ingredients and nutritional information alongside existing advice.
  • Introduce and enforce tighter restrictions on alcohol marketing via statutory regulation, independent of industry, with a particular emphasis on protecting young people from exposure to alcohol marketing.
  • Improve alcohol licencing by:
    • Introducing a licensing objective to protect public health.
    • Including a new mandatory licensing condition requiring alcohol retailers to have a written policy on how they will prevent illegal sales to intoxicated customers, along with a specific requirement for authorities to enforce the existing law that makes such sales illegal.
    • Carrying out a comprehensive review of online sales and home deliveries to prevent sales to underage, vulnerable or intoxicated customers.

We also call on the Government to:

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