Highball Mojito

English | Cymraeg

Ein barn ar Highball Mojito



Cryfder: 0%
Calorïau ymhob potelaid: 83 (33 ymhob 100ml)
Sgôr: 5 o 5

Alcohol-free cocktails are hard to get right. They’re often too sweet or overloaded with complicated flavours. This Highball Mojito is neither of those things. In short, it’s a really good Mojito. It’s got the aroma, the flavour – the lot! Mint, lime, and not too much sugar. We can’t recommend it enough.

It’s the work of husband-and-wife team Red and Kate Johnson from the New Forest, and you can read all about their alcohol-free drinks company here.

Mae Drydrinker a Wise Bartender yn gwerthu diodydd di-alcohol a phrin-eu-halcohol ar-lein. Pan fyddwch chi’n prynu oddi wrthyn nhw trwy’r dolenni yma, bydd Alcohol Change UK yn derbyn cyfran o’r elw, gan helpu talu am ein gwaith i roi diwedd ar niwed alcohol.​