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Dry January

Dry January is the UK's one-month alcohol-free challenge. It isn’t about giving anything up. It’s about getting something back. Get your fun back. Get your energy back. Get your calm back.

Get your YOU back.


86% of participants save money.


70% of participants have better sleep and 66% have more energy.


Double your chance of an alcohol-free month when you download the free Try Dry app.

More reasons to do Dry January

Use the free Try Dry app to track and set your own custom goals for your drinking year-round, plus take on a dry month (or longer!) any time.


Stopping drinking suddenly can be very dangerous, and can even kill you, if you are dependent on alcohol. If, after a period of drinking, you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be dependent on alcohol and you should NOT suddenly stop drinking completely:

  • seizures (fits)
  • hand tremors (‘the shakes’)
  • sweating
  • seeing things that are not actually real (visual hallucinations)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

But you can still take control of your drinking. Speak to a GP who will be able to get help for you to reduce your drinking safely. Find out more about getting some support.

After Dry January

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Support us

We need support from people like you to do our work to improve and save lives across the UK, as well as to help us to continue providing Dry January support for free. If you have done Dry January and would like to support our work, please donate now. Thank you!
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The charity behind Dry January

Dry January is brought to you by Alcohol Change UK. Did you know that every hour, someone dies as a result of alcohol? We’re working to reduce the harm drinking causes. We’re not anti-alcohol, but we’re for alcohol change.
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