Dry January® testimonials

December 2020 | 8 minutes

If you need some inspiration for your Dry January®, take it from the experts – here are just a few quotes from people who took part last year!

"Alcohol for me can so often be used a social thing that soon becomes part of stress relief and so on. With a recent prostate cancer diagnosis this has made me re-evaluate a big portion of my lifestyle choices. So Dry January® to me is about so much more than 'persevering through the month' but proving to myself how much of a difference a change like this can make!"


“During January I never once worried that I had too much to drink or was alcohol affecting my work in any way. My sleeping improved and instead of nursing a hangover, feeling rough and being unable to move, I actually got on with those little jobs around the house. After Dry January® I have a different perspective on how much alcohol I was consuming and how much money I was spending.”


“I've struggled with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and fatigue for a long, long time now. Since staying sober, I've slept amazingly every night in January! I've also been so motivated that I've started going to the gym and my diet has also improved massively. My anxiety barely creeps in any more and I feel amazing (so does my bank account). Doing Dry January® has taught me how to respect my body, and that alcohol isn't what it needs. Given, on social occasions I will be having a drink but no more booze after work for me!”


"Although I exercise quite a lot I wasn't keeping up with my calorie intake and, being a climber, my weight is very important. Dry January® seemed a good idea and I love the app... and the daily emails! I've fallen off the wagon three times, but I feel so much better. I've got more time, more money, I'm sleeping better and my resting heart rate has gone down.”


“After drinking heavily over Xmas for two solid weeks my appetite was poor, my anxiety was through the roof and my blood sugars were high (I am a type 1 diabetic), I decided that I needed to change my life... I decided to do Dry January®, determined not to give in. I'm not going to say it's been easy, it’s been very tough at times, but the benefits have changed my life. It's like a light bulb has finally been switched on!”


“I thought that as I approached the end of January I would be desperate for a glass of wine, but I'm not, in fact I'm not looking forward to going out with my Dry January® partner next week and drinking alcohol! Never thought I'd say that! This is the longest period of time I haven't drunk alcohol for almost 20 years, it's given me time and space to consider the role alcohol has played in my life and to know I can go out and stay in without alcohol and have a good time.”


“One week in and already have seen improvements. Happier disposition, hopeful, less depressive symptoms, more energised. No more headaches or feeling sluggish during the day.”


"The biggest noticeable benefit for me was my sleep. I've been sleeping better than I have in a long time, with very vivid dreams! More energy in the evenings and never feeling ropey in the morning! I loved the smug feeling I had every Sunday morning knowing I was waking up without a hangover, looking bright-eyed - that is very addictive! I feel that I have now broken the weekday drinking habit 100% - I simply can't imagine drinking on a work night now."


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