Go dry for charity

Dry January will make a difference to you as you save money, feel great and look fabulous - but it can make a difference to others too, as you can raise money for or donate to charity.

In the UK one person every hour dies as a result of alcohol. The harm doesn’t end with the individual; each of us who drinks too much is part of a family and a community who feel the effects too, whether through frequent use of emergency services, drink driving, violence or neglect.

At Alcohol Change UK, we work to end the harm caused by alcohol. We are not anti-alcohol; we are for alcohol change. With your help this Dry January, we can change and save lives.

There are two ways you can help...

Give what you save. Lots of people who do Dry January find that they save money by not drinking, and you might decide to donate some of what you save.

Give now

Get sponsored. Asking your friends and family to sponsor your Dry January is a great way to add some extra motivation, all while raising money for an amazing cause.

Set up your fundraising page