What we do

We focus entirely on reducing alcohol harm, working across the whole range of serious alcohol harms, from mental and physical to societal and economic. Driven by our vision of a world with no serious alcohol harm, we work to create five evidence-based changes.

Improved knowledge

The more we all know about alcohol harm, the better we can reduce it. We want alcohol-related policy and practice to be developed on the basis of robust research evidence; new ideas about alcohol harm reduction created, tested and shared; and the knowledge base enriched by the experiences of those affected by alcohol harm. Find out more.

Better policy and regulation

The right changes to laws and regulation can make a difference to millions of real lives. We want to see a policy environment that prioritises the reduction of alcohol harms in all their forms based on robust and reliable evidence. Find out more.

Shifted cultural norms

We get people thinking and talking openly about alcohol to create more informed and balanced drinking cultures across the UK, with alcohol playing a less central role. Find out more.

Improved drinking behaviours

We work to help more people gain the motivation, confidence and ability to control their drinking, with less need for specialist support. Find out more.

More and better support and treatment

We work with organisations and practitioners on the treatment frontline to help build a vibrant and diverse treatment sector that is effective, properly funded, well commissioned and coordinated, and easy for people with drinking problems and their families to navigate. Find out more.

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