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Our friendly team has the skills, passion and experience to get to know your organisation and develop bespoke partnerships that make a difference.

We have a range of partnership options that can be tailored to suit your business objectives and budgets. Ranging from sponsorship of our Dry January® flagship campaign, charity of the year opportunities and affiliate partner opportunities.

Why partner with us?

Every day, 20 people die as a result of their drinking. But alcohol harm is not inevitable.

Serious alcohol harm affects millions of families, damaging and ending lives. It impacts all of us, whether through a loved one’s suffering, damaged communities or avoidable costs to frontline services.

Your organisation’s partnership will have a huge impact on our work and help us reach more people who need our help.

We work across the UK to reduce alcohol harm. We do this through evidence-driven change by working towards five key changes: improved knowledge, better policies and regulation, shifted cultural norms, improved drinking behaviours, and more and better support and treatment.

We have significant experience in developing bespoke partnerships to help you achieve your business objectives. And by working together, we can make a real difference to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

A commercial partnership with us will help to promote brand awareness and increase sales and customer loyalty. Our partnerships team have experience delivering cause-related marketing campaigns across different sectors.

For example, our world-renowned behaviour change campaign Dry January® has a ready made engaged audience – with 8 million people in the UK attempting to go alcohol-free in January, and over 130,000 people signing up each year for our tools and resources. In 2022, our official partners saw increases in brand recognition, increases in customers and boosted sales!

Volunteering is hugely rewarding, and partnering with us is a great way for you to give back through skill-based volunteering. We have great volunteering opportunities giving you the chance to give back. Get in touch to find out more.

Give your staff the opportunity to be part of an important movement and get involved in a great cause. Giving back is a great way to not only boost staff morale but can also help them gain greater fulfillment within their role.

We are open to all opportunities to collaborate with companies and businesses that share our vision. Please get in touch to find out more. We'd be delighted to discuss any strategic, cause-related or any other partnership ideas you may have.

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