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Sharing your story is a powerful way to raise awareness of the harm alcohol can cause, and help make sure no one feels alone.

Perhaps you have cut down and feel better for it. Maybe you have or have had a drinking problem and want to share how it feels. Maybe someone you love drinks or used to drink too much, and you want to share how it has affected them and you. Whatever your story, thank you for sharing it.

Share your story

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It's totally up to you how you tell your story! When we share stories they tend to be:

  • Between 250 and 750 words
  • Told in the first person ("I went to the shop..." rather than, "She went to the shop...")
  • As personal and detailed as you feel comfortable with.

Once you submit your story we can always work with you to tell it the way you'd like; just tick the box above saying that you're happy for us to contact you about your story.