Consultancy and Training Manager

Apply now to join the team as our new Consultancy and Training Manager.

  • Consultancy and Training Manager
  • King’s Cross, London, WC1X 9NW but with high level of flexibility for remote working
  • Around £34,802 to £41,502 + Benefits
  • Closing date: 9am Friday, 3 December 2021

Alcohol harm is widespread, serious … and completely avoidable.

Too many of us can fall into the trap of believing that alcohol harm is something limited to a small proportion of so-called ‘alcoholics’. While there are, indeed, hundreds of thousands of people with a severe alcohol dependency who matter greatly, alcohol harm also affects many millions of people: whether through a diagnosis of cancer, an early death from liver disease, a deepening of mental health problems, a childhood scarred by a parent’s drinking, or the street violence or domestic violence that can cause permanent injury and ongoing trauma.

In fact, over 10 million people are drinking at levels that are risking their health or affecting others. Alcohol harm costs our NHS at least £3.5bn and our police, courts and prisons at least another £4bn. All of us are currently affected by alcohol harm. But alcohol harm is entirely avoidable.

Alcohol Change UK exists to eliminate the harm from alcohol and to help people across the UK to develop a positive relationship with alcohol. We:

  • campaign for better policies and regulation
  • work to create healthier drinking cultures
  • deliver cutting-edge behaviour change programmes to help people take control of their drinking before they require specialist treatment
  • collaborate with our friends across the diversity of specialist alcohol treatment to drive up access and impact
  • develop new knowledge to ensure that our work and the work of everyone who seeks to reduce alcohol harm is based on the best available evidence.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be joining Alcohol Change UK. We are half way through our ambitious five-year strategy – and our Consultancy & Training function is going to be critical to our success. Our Consultancy & Training function acts in two key markets: ‘workplaces’ (our clients are employers) and ‘alcohol treatment services’ (our clients are local authorities and alcohol treatment providers). In both markets we work to generate income and create impact.

While we all work as ‘one team’ at the charity, you will be working in the Fundraising and Engagement team. Formed in 2019, this dynamic team does not just deliver income growth; it also works to engage thousands of supporters who also want to reduce alcohol harm, whether through activism, lobbying, sharing their story, fundraising or personal giving. You will therefore be working in a team that is acutely aware of the power of combining ‘impact’ with ‘income’.

How to apply

  • Read the candidate pack
  • Use our online form
  • Upload your CV (max 3 pages, including two referees) to this online form in MS Word, Google doc, or Adobe .pdf format (no image files please).

We only accept applications via our online form and will not accept applications in any other format. If for accessibility reasons you are unable to use the online form, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. We will be happy to make adjustments.


Applications deadline: Strictly 9am Friday, 3 December 2021. The online application form gives a date and time stamp to all applications.

We will respond by: Tuesday, 7 December 2021. All applicants will receive a response.

Interview date: Friday, 10 December 2021. Please save this date!

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