City guide: Newcastle

Jeff Lyall | January 2018 | 7 minutes

Food blogger Jeff Lyall, who writes the blog Newcastle Eats, has written us a guide to the best Dry January-friendly spots in Newcastle!

Newcastle upon Tyne remains one of the ‘best nights out in the UK’, with new bars and restaurants opening at a fast pace in 2019. But that’s not to say that those partaking in #DryJanuary or just looking to limit their alcohol intake don’t have some fantastic options. Here’s five drinks you can get in the city to help see you through a Dry January, and beyond!

Virgin Mary at Tiger Hornsby

Quayside, 8-10 Close, NE1 3RE

The original mocktail stands up as a great drink without the inclusion of any alcohol, and the guys at Quayside favourite Tiger Hornsby will take the time to make it exactly to your liking. With January being a long, cold month, I recommend ‘as spicy as you dare’. You can also order this one with carrot juice & horseradish, making it a sweet and fiery twist on the classic, that’s also kind of healthy.

Anything at Alvinos

88 Pilgrim Street, NE1 6SG

Mocktails On Table

Alvinos is well known for its creative and quirky cocktail menu, but the fab bartenders will be more than happy to whip you up something delicious that’s also alcohol free. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be a boring 7-Up or Fanta, think more along the lines of rosemary syrup, homemade lemonade, celery bitters, and black pepper and a twist of ginger. Go with the flow and ask the staff for something unusual - you won’t be disappointed.

Orange, Rosemary & Ginger Smash at Pleased to Meet You

High Bridge, NE1 1EW

Pleased to Meet You is one of the best places to get a cocktail in the city, but mocktail drinkers are also well catered for. If you can dream it, they’ll make it, or choose from the menu and you won’t feel like you’re missing out. Orange and rosemary are always friends, but adding (locally made) Fentiman’s ginger beer gives this a spicy finish that feels grown-up. Sparkler and cocktail umbrella optional.

40 Kola

40 Kola is a juicy and intriguing twist on cola, with artificial colours and flavourings removed, but a solid hit of caffeine added. Need a morning boost? A chilled 40 Kola will do the trick, or later in the evening it makes a great mixer for a ton of non-alcoholic cocktails. Add lemonade and black tea, and you’ve got a strong approximation of a Long Island Iced Tea, or just some lime juice for something sweet and sour. Even better, it’s made here in the North East of England. You can find out where it's stocked here.

Canny Chocolate Milkshake

Finally, something a little different. Canny is a locally-made chocolate milkshake which contains ‘no bull’. It’s high in protein, gluten free, and refined sugar free, meaning you can be a little bit smug as you drink it.

Not too sweet, but creamy and satisfying on it’s own, chocolate milk has the ‘ideal carbohydrate to protein ratio for replenishing glycogen’ which means it’s a nice treat for those trying to shift some of the excesses of Christmas. Cheers!

Where's your favourite place in Newcastle for mocktails?

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