Government announces £6 million in funding for children of alcohol dependent parents

Maddy Lawson | April 2018 | 5 minutes

On 23 April the Government announced £6 million in funding for children of alcohol dependent parents.

Around 200,000 children in England live with at least one dependent parent or carer.

Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of the charity formed by the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK, said:

“Today’s announcement, committing £6 million to support children of alcohol dependent parents, is both welcome and vital. This very positive initiative would have even greater impact in the context of an over-arching national alcohol strategy. Such a strategy would embed this initiative within a comprehensive approach: preventing people from sliding into harmful drinking, tackling the causes of problem drinking and helping those affected by dependency to beat their addiction and live their lives again. If linked to a comprehensive alcohol strategy, this initiative would be a turning point, improving the lives of thousands of children and adults in need of support.”

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