News roundup: July 2018

Maddy Lawson | August 2018 | 7 minutes

July's monthly roundup from the Alcohol Policy UK blog.

Each month we publish a news roundup from theAlcohol Policy UK blog. Since the June roundup…

In the news

New report calls for review of alcohol marketing regulation

An Alcohol Concern / Alcohol Research UK report has called for a government review of how alcohol marketing is regulated, finding that the current watchdog is inconsistent and operates without scrutiny (ITV News). Another study, funded by Alcohol Concern / Alcohol Research UK, suggests that the rules on advertising alcohol must be tightened up because of the way venues are using social media (Express). John Timothy, Chief Executive of the Portman Group, responded that self-regulation is still the answer. Read more on our blog, and check out the Alcohol Policy UK analysis.

Alcohol-related brain damage admissions to hospital in Scotland reach ten-year high

Figures released in response to a parliamentary question by the Scottish Conservative health spokesman Miles Briggs suggest the number of people admitted to hospital in Scotland with alcohol-related brain damage has reached a 10-year high. BBC

Cider sales slump after the introduction of minimum unit pricing in Scotland

Cider sales have slumped since the introduction of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland on 1 May. It suffered the highest price increase – 22% – and has seen the biggest drop in sales – eight per cent. Scottish Sun

Initiative to deter drunk flyers to be rolled out at ten airports

A government-backed campaign to prevent drunk passengers from boarding aeroplanes is being rolled out at ten airports – Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton, Bristol and Newcastle. Through the One Too Many initiative passengers will see warnings about alcohol consumption posted on digital display screens in duty-free shops, and receive leaflets handed out by the police. Telegraph

NUS Wales president encourages Alcoholics Anonymous rollout

NUS Wales president Gwyneth Sweatman has pointed to Cardiff University's successful Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and suggested that they should be rolled out across all universities. An AA trustee said the number of younger attendees at meetings was rising each year. Professor Tony Moss has noted that not all alcohol problems are dependence, and AA is just one form of support people might seek. BBC

New trial of in-car breathalysers

The UK’s first civilian trial of alcohol interlocks, which require an alcohol-free sample of breath to be provided before the car is started, is to take place in Durham. AutoExpress

Call for alcohol limits for boaters

The British Ports Association has called for new legislation to introduce alcohol limits for non-professional boaters, to be in line with the rules that already exist for commercial ships in British waters. Yachting and Boating World

And finally…

Drunken gulls "stinking of alcohol" are being rescued by the RSPCA along the south coast of England. "Disoriented and confused" birds have been found in Devon and Dorset after apparently devouring brewery waste. BBC