A letter to our 2023 Sober Spring finishers

Angela Calcan | June 2023 | 6 minutes

Hi Sober Springer,

I’m Angela, one of the Alcohol Change UK Team behind Sober Spring. As we reach the very last week of Sober Spring 2023, I wanted to check in with you and share some final words before you embark on your summer adventures.

First things first, we need to tell you how fantastic you are! You committed to three months alcohol-free, challenging yourself to try a new way of living. You made it through the ups and downs and have taken a huge step towards the type of life you want. That is no small feat, and we hope you’re feeling really proud.

We also hope that you’ve been experiencing at least some of the fantastic benefits of taking a break from alcohol, whether that’s clearer skin, more energy, better sleep or simply more money in your bank balance. Remember everyone’s alcohol-free journey is different, and even if you haven’t noticed anything specific yet, trust us your body is thanking you on the inside.

If you’re going to carry on with your sober journey, a gorgeous summer of sober events, get-togethers and long evenings awaits you. Enjoy it – you deserve it. One thing’s for sure, it’ll certainly be a summer you remember with your clear head!

If you’re anxious about how to continue with your new sober lifestyle once Sober Spring is over, remember to keep on setting goals. Whether that’s in the Try Dry® app or in another way that works for you. You can also join (or continue contributing to) peer support groups such as our Dry January® and Beyond online community.

The person you are now is different to the one that started this journey. You have learned so much about yourself and your relationship with alcohol, learned strategies and put yourself in control. The learning will continue so embrace all the opportunities to grow and live the life you want whatever happens.

If you plan to try out moderation or mindful drinking from here, then we’re also rooting for you. Go steady over these next few weeks as you will have lower alcohol tolerance levels. We hope that you continue to utilise the skills and support you have gained during Sober Spring.. And whatever happens from here, always remember that you did it and you can do it again.

Whichever path you choose, you should feel good about your achievements right now. You’ve chosen to live the last three months of your life prioritising your physical and mental health by skipping the alcohol. You’ve joined the growing community of people exploring an alcohol-free lifestyle – even when it wasn’t always easy or comfortable to do so. And that’s pretty commendable.

Maybe we’ll see you next year for Sober Spring 2024, or maybe you’ll be too busy living your sober best life. Either way, take care and a HUGE congratulations again.

Best wishes,