Alcohol - a poem from a person affected by their loved one's drinking

July 2022 | 5 minutes

One of our supporters shares a poem they wrote about living with a loved one who drinks heavily.


I will make you feel so confident and free
Careless, happy for all to see
I will help you laugh with all your friends
And never want your nights to end

Just one drink here and one drink there
That's all it takes you don't care
Tea time drinks and social nights
Sometimes ends in rowdy fights

Before too long you will want me more
All you want is that drink to pour
I will make your head all heavy and sad
But you still won't think it's all that bad

Each drink you take upon your lips
A small one here as you take a sip
"That's it", you say "no more for me"
But before too long it's one, two three

Before too long your friends don't call
Your hands they shake you stumble and fall
I take your money and make you ill
Just one more glass I need to fill

If you've been affected by a loved one's drinking, there is support available.

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