Alcohol Change UK appoints new Chair

Alcohol Change UK | April 2020 | 6 minutes

We are very pleased to welcome the new Chair of our Board of Trustees, Fiyaz Mughal.

Fiyaz is the Founder and Director of TellMAMA, Faith Matters, and the National No2H8 awards. He was previously CEO of Enfield Citizens Advice and has also been a prominent member of the Liberal Democrats and a Lib Dem councillor in both Oxford and Haringey.

He is Chair of the Oxford Research Group, which "promotes international policy-making that is inclusive, accountable, sustainable and effective" and works "to transform thinking about security, helping to break out of the cycle of conflict and violence." He is also an adviser to the Commission on Countering Extremism.

A message from our new Chair

I am proud to work with Alcohol Change UK and with its committed, dynamic and dedicated team. The work of the charity is led by evidence, but it also places people at the heart of its research and campaigning work.

This is an exciting time to join the charity, when successes such as Dry January can be built on and we can ensure that people have access to accurate, clear information to inform the choices that they make when consuming alcohol. I am also energised by the fact that the charity is in a fantastic place to engage on a much wider scale with members of the public.

As someone who has worked with communities for over two decades, I know how important it is to get clear, relevant information to people so that they can make informed choices. In a world where we have information overload, it is essential that credible and trusted organisations furnish members of the public with facts. Alcohol Change UK is one of these trusted organisations, whose role is only more important when people and communities are under stress and external pressures as we are now. Supporting the health and well-being of the British public is the cornerstone the charity’s work.

Whatever challenges lie ahead, Alcohol Change UK is well-placed to meet them head on and to ensure that the relationship between the UK and alcohol is one free from serious harm.

Fiyaz Mughal