New survey: Do alcohol-free drinks help people to reduce their drinking?

June 2022 | 5 minutes

Our new survey will look into people's use of alcohol-free drinks and whether they're a useful tool for cutting down or stopping drinking.

Do alcohol-free drinks help people to reduce their drinking? We’ve launched new survey to find out and we need your help.

The alcohol-free drinks sector has ballooned in the past few years with excellent alcohol-free options now widely available in most bars, restaurants and supermarkets. But if you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake and change your relationship with alcohol, what role do they play for you?

They could be a helpful alternative that helps you to navigate social situations alcohol-free, or they might be too much of a reminder of what you feel you're missing out on. Some people may use them when they first reduce their drinking and as time goes on drink them less, while for others alcohol-free drinks remain a regular feature in their habits.

Have you ever tried cutting back on your drinking? Or are you currently trying?

If the answer is yes, could you help us by completing the survey below on alcohol-free drinks? It'll take around five minutes.

Everyone who completes the survey can enter a prize draw for £50 in cash. One lucky respondent will be drawn at random after the survey closes (9am on 15 July 2022).