Emily: My favourite things about being alcohol-free

Emily | January 2020 | 6 minutes

In this blog, Emily Syphas, the creator of Sober & Social, shares her three favourite things about being a non-drinker.

Waking up feeling fresh

I really enjoy every night when I go to bed knowing that the next day I will wake up feeling motivated, focused and well-rested. When I was drinking, I would try every trick in the book to navigate a hangover before going to sleep (drink pints of water, eat food, take some painkillers and have a berocca) which would never quite work. I really enjoy the feeling of knowing I am going to wake up at my best.

Feeling more confident

I know most people feel they get their confidence from alcohol, but for me I feel so much more confident in myself without drinking. Knowing that I’m being true to myself, treating my body better, dealing with my emotions head on, eating better food and exercising regularly are all things that have given me an inner confidence I never thought was possible.

Having no regrets

Before I stopped drinking, I’d constantly be fearing what I had done the night before. Not remembering what I said to people, how much money I spent and where I ended up. I would always regret something from a night out which would make me feel highly anxious. I love the feeling of knowing that how I have behaved is in alignment with my true authentic self, and not having to feel the fear in my life of not knowing. You’ll notice this benefit regardless of how long or short you give up alcohol for!

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