Alcohol-free socialising during lockdown: Emily's top tips

Emily | January 2021 | 7 minutes

In this blog, founder of Sober and Social Emily shares her top tips for socialising during lockdown without alcohol.

There is no denying that the last few months have thrown our social lives into a spiral. Meet-up rules are forever changing, restaurants and bars are opening and closing on a regular basis, and who knows when we will be able to shake a tail feather on the dancefloor again. COVID-19 has definitely shaken up our lives and forced us to re-define our social lives. I know how important socialising is when stopping drinking, especially when we need to find sober friends that we can relate to. Here are my top tips for sober socialising during COVID-19.

Become a Zoom socialiser

Yes that’s right, become a Zoom socialiser. There are so many fabulous online, alcohol-free meet-ups going on, so if you want to make new sober friends and find a supportive community without having to set foot outside of your living room, now is the time to do it. There are so many sober online meet-ups going on that you might actually have a busier social life than usual! I would recommend checking out these Instagram accounts to find online meet-ups:

Get a walking buddy

In some parts of the UK you can still meet up with one person outside, so make the most of getting some fresh air and meet up with a sober pal to walk and talk. Why not make it a regular thing? Have a weekly walk, check-in and an accountability partner all at the same time!

Get alcohol-free treats at the ready

Get stocked up and be ready for any occasion. You might want to order in some posh tea for your morning meetings, some delicious alcohol-free beer for your online socials or what about some alcohol-free fizz for BIG night in? This blog lists some of the top drinks on offer in UK supermarkets, and there are many other options to be found online and in your local shops.

Bring the party home

At the moment we can’t go out and dance until the early hours, but we can bring the party to our living room for a shimmy and a shake! I have found doing some partying at home has been good for my fitness, great for connecting with and making new friends, but also lifting my mood. Check out @morninggloryville and @secretdanceaddiction to get down and dirty without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Emily is founder of Sober & Social, a global brand and community that supports those wanting to explore and lead a teetotal lifestyle. The core ethos of Sober & Social is to empower, encourage and celebrate you living your healthiest and happiest life. It was founded on the basis that going alcohol free shouldn’t mean missing out or having to compromise on your social life.

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