International Day of Charity: in support of Alcohol Change UK

September 2023 | 6 minutes

Alcohol Change UK Community Champion Sven Stears, aka INKBOMB on YouTube, is creating awareness and raising money to help Alcohol Change UK end alcohol harm through his latest video poem.

But more than any of that, he is Sober.

“For me, Poetry, Art, and Music, are about sharing the human experience, and my lived experience is one of difficulty. One of addiction and now, sobriety. It’s an experience I’m keen to share. Every time I perform my work, no matter the subject, people find me and tell me they related to what I was saying and that it helped them process their own feelings. That’s my hope for all my work. Life has been good enough to me recently to let me find sobriety, even after all the harms I caused. My life is infinitely better than it was while I was consumed by my addictions. If I can share those dark times, and still show people that there is light and hope, then everything will have been worthwhile.

Thats what the poem Drowning in Ether Reaching for Matches like Driftwood is, to me. It’s the story of my own hardships and mental state, told by mixing them with those of a friend, so I can experience my own story again, and remind myself how far I have come.

And that hope is there for everyone.

With help, and social change, with organisations like Alcohol Change UK, we can reduce the harms caused by booze, and give people back some hope.

“We’re thrilled Sven has dedicated a new video based on one of his poems, Drowning in Ether reaching for Matches like Driftwood, to support us. His powerful words will resonate with many struggling with alcohol harm.” Robin Plowman, Community and Challenge Events Manager, Alcohol Change UK.

Sven, together with Alcohol Change UK, chose International Day of Charity as the perfect time to launch his video poem, to shout about all the great work Alcohol Change UK do.

A massive thank you to Sven for his amazing support of Alcohol Change UK.

If you’re a musician and would like to fundraise and raise awareness for Alcohol Change UK, like Sven, please contact the team to discuss how we can support you at [email protected].

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