'It's everywhere' - alcohol's public face and private harm: our response

Lucy Holmes | September 2020 | 5 minutes

Read Alcohol Change UK's response to the report of the Commission on Alcohol Harm.

Alcohol Change UK welcomes the publication today [14 September 2020] of the report of the Commission on Alcohol Harm, ‘It’s everywhere’ – alcohol’s public face and private harm. The report is both timely and urgent. As we look ahead to rebuilding after the coronavirus pandemic we need a determined national focus on public health, and alcohol policy in particular. Addressing alcohol harm should form a key part of the UK's approach to building our resilience to future health threats.

The Commission's report highlights the wide-ranging impacts of alcohol harm on all parts of society, including the devastating effects on children. We are especially pleased that the Commissioners have included a recommendation to address the culture around alcohol and challenge stigma, which we know can have huge impact on people's drinking.

We urge the Government to implement the recommendations of the report and introduce an evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK.