Liquid Choices: the campaign for alcohol-free options

July 2023 | 7 minutes

It's time to make your own Liquid Choices!

The hospitality sector is playing catch up when it comes to alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks.

This need for improved alcohol-free choices was clear for all to see, especially given the ever-growing sober and sober-curious movement. From Richard Piper, our CEO, who started his own venue reviews (which we encourage you to do too!), Community Champion feedback, and stories from supporters - everything suggested that the hospitality sector had work to do for those looking to cut down their alcohol consumption.

Community Champion, Trevor Twohig, was particularly passionate about changing this and has set about making it happen. As an avid live music and sports fan, he could see that that the hospitality sector was significantly lagging behind when it came to viable, adult alcohol-free alternatives.

Liquid Choices is Trevor’s newly formed C.I.C that aims to improve no and low alcohol options across the hospitality sector. We spoke to Trevor, who is the director and founder of Liquid Choices, to hear more about his campaign:

I guess I just got tired of going to pubs and bars and being sat with a diet Coke. I don’t find it fair that in most places the drinks choices are around 90% alcoholic beverages and so few alcohol-free ones! No wonder so many sober people tend to stay in!

All joking aside, Trevor feels that this is a serious issue.

I mean, 15% of adults in sobriety are reported to relapse due to a lack of viable adult alcohol-free alternatives, this just cannot continue for me. I asked around and realised that there are several like-minded people who wanted to help our campaign. I think if we get enough sober or sober-curious people on board, we can have a significant impact on the drinks industry as well as the hospitality sector.

With the support of Alcohol Change UK, Trevor has set about making contacts in the industry and started linking great alcohol-free products with like-minded venues.

There is interest out there, it’s just not happening quickly enough in the hospitality sector. In retail, you can find hundreds of high-quality alcohol-free beers, spirits and wines, but this is just not represented in the hospitality sector. We really want to see that change happen as the sober movement grows.

Trevor has ambitious plans for the next couple of years.

I want to see Liquid Choices grow and partner with a number of other like-minded organisations to create an army of the sober-interested! with the creation of Alcarelle, and such good alternatives, we feel as society takes stock of its general health the option to go sober or indeed to drink less alcohol should be there. We are recruiting ambassadors for the brand as well as partnering with high-quality alcohol-free brands to continue fighting the good fight!

Liquid Choices

If you want to find out more about Liquid Choices head over to the website and sign up to the newsletter at The form to sign up to the newsletter is on the homepage. Also, you can follow on Instagram @liquid_choices.

Liquid Choices are currently running a competition where you can be in a chance to win one of their No and Low Mystery boxes! Worth up to £100, sign up on the website and follow the Instagram for further details.

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