My alcohol-free holiday

September 2019 | 5 minutes

Scott Pearson recently went on an alcohol-free adventure holiday. Here he shares his motivation for the trip and what he enjoyed most while there.

Last month I had the pleasure of going on my first sober holiday with We Love Lucid.

My motivation for going on this sober trip was to push my own boundaries and test myself so the activity-packed itinerary featuring canyoning, moonlight kayaking, an astronomy tour, and paramotoring was ideal. Of them all, canyoning was my favourite. As I abseiled backwards down a rather large waterfall, my emotions ran high. I was finally living my life and doing positive things to help myself grow!

On the astronomy tour, I saw my first shooting star and learned about different constellations. The moonlight kayaking was another wonderful experience despite being convinced I was going to be eaten by some kind of Lake Placid-esque Spanish alligator!

The best thing about this trip though was how normal it felt not to be drinking. At ten months sober, it was exactly what I needed because our time was filled with such amazing experiences and moments of authenticity, we didn’t even notice that alcohol wasn’t present. It was only when Ross (the other guy on the trip) pointed out that he hadn’t thought about the fact he hadn’t even felt like he was missing something, that I noticed it too. It seems that when you’re busy having the time of your life with other like-minded people, it just isn’t something you even think about!

The best thing about this trip though was how normal it felt not to be drinking.

To see more photos from the trip head over to my Instagram profile - @theboywhodranktoomuch