Nigel's story: I changed my story and that changed my life

Nigel | October 2023 | 7 minutes

Nigel is the founder of the health and wellness channel 9km by 9am, the 9km by 9am challenge and author of “Walking Back to Happiness - The Secret to Alcohol-free Living & Well-being.”

I finally woke up and said, “I want a different life.”

I was a 50-something-year-old, who had been locked into the habit of drinking for over 35 years. Every day, I was putting this poison inside myself, thinking it was some form of relaxant, stress reliever, anxiety killer. I was overweight, short of breath, anxious, short-tempered and doing very little exercise, all symptoms of too much alcohol consumption and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Most nights I would lay awake at night believing I was an addict and could never stop. But I did and that person has gone forever. In the 36 years that I drank alcohol I had 1,000s of day ones – days in which I planned to stop drinking but never did. At the end I was drinking around a bottle of wine a night and more on the weekends.

I changed my story and that changed my life.

I spent the first year finding my purpose and in doing so I started to transform my mind and my body. I discovered the secret to alcohol-free living through looking at my values and beliefs and many limiting beliefs. I calmed my mind through meditation and mindfulness practice. I changed my story and that changed my life. In the first few weeks of alcohol-free living, I took a long, hard look at my beliefs. I realised that my beliefs are simply assumptions which I hold to be true and which may – or may not be – based on facts.

One of the first major changes I made to my belief system, was to make 'there is nothing I can't do' a central part of who I am. Rather than list all my beliefs, which would take a very long time, I concentrated on those that are relevant to pursuing a healthy, alcohol-free life. I had to get rid of the negative beliefs – they were holding me back. But I also needed to add some ‘superpower’ beliefs to the positive ones to ‘supercharge’ me, to create the new me.

Every part of my life has dramatically improved since going alcohol-free.

There are so many changes for the good that stand out, but a few of them are: being anxiety free; sleeping seven hours every night; losing weight; better relationships; and being much much more present. Mark Twain said, the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why. I found out why when I stopped drinking.

The central part of my purpose is now to give back. At my core, I believe I have a duty to pass on the secret to alcohol-free living information as I have tried my best to do in the pages of this book. I have been alcohol-free since December 2020, and during that time every single part of my life has dramatically improved. I am now on a mission to share my journey to motivate, educate and inspire as many people as possible to take a break from alcohol and ultimately to live a better life through my coaching and books.

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