Run for Katy

October 2023 | 7 minutes

This November, Tom Harding is embarking on an extraordinary journey—a 280-kilometre run from London to Bristol, equivalent to completing seven marathons. His mission goes beyond the physical challenge; it's a powerful endeavour to raise awareness about the harms of alcohol and spark conversations that are long overdue, from casual get-togethers to the highest levels of government.

A Personal Journey with a Powerful Purpose

Tom's motivation for this incredible feat is deeply personal. Just two years ago, he tragically lost his sister, Katy, at the young age of 30 after she struggled with her relationship with alcohol for over a decade. Katy was not just an incredible person; she was funny, beautiful, remarkably intelligent, and cherished her friends and family deeply. However, the grip of alcohol had ensnared her in a vicious cycle, wreaking havoc on her relationships, career prospects, and physical and mental health. Despite relentless efforts from both Katy and her loved ones, she couldn't break free.

Tom firmly believes that our modern society must transform its relationship with alcohol. The accessibility of cheap alcohol, the absence of adequate health information, the glamorous marketing campaigns, the cultural acceptance (even celebration) of heavy drinking, and the stigmatisation of discussing drinking-related issues create an environment that encourages excessive alcohol consumption.

Countless individuals are suffering, either directly or indirectly, due to this issue. While Tom acknowledges his own good fortune, he also recognises the irreversible impact that alcohol has had on him, his parents, and anyone fortunate enough to have known Katy.

A Partnership with Purpose

In partnership with Alcohol Change, with a mission that resonates deeply with him, Tom is determined to make a difference. Alcohol Change is "not anti-alcohol; [we are] for changing our relationship with alcohol. We tirelessly work towards creating a world free from the harm caused by alcohol.”

Fortunately, there is a growing movement towards ‘sober curiosity’ and sobriety, and Tom is optimistic that change is on the horizon regarding the social acceptance of not drinking. He's actively seeking partners, so if you are, or if you know of an alcohol-free drink, fitness, or wellness brand, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Championing Change Beyond Awareness

Tom's mission doesn't stop at raising awareness. He's committed to being a vocal advocate, challenging both the government and alcohol brands on the absence of health information on alcohol products in physical and online stores and pushing for stronger regulation on marketing campaigns.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Tom is immensely grateful for any support and donations received. He also welcomes anyone who wants to join him on his run, whether it's in Bristol, along the route, or at the finish line in London. More details on how to participate will be provided soon. Your donations and participation mean the world to Tom as he strives to honour his sister's memory and make a lasting impact on the fight against alcohol-related harm.

Together, we can make a difference and bring about the change needed to fight the devastating effects of alcohol misuse.

If you'd like to support Tom in his journey, you can donate here.

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