Scott: My favourite things about not drinking

Scott | January 2020 | 6 minutes

In this blog, Scott tells us his favourite things about not drinking.

According to the dictionary, the definition of boring is someone or something that is not interesting or exciting.

According to a lot of people, those who don’t drink are boring.

Being worried that I would be labelled boring was the reason I put off giving up alcohol for so long. From my early twenties, I tortured myself with worry about how I would ever manage to maintain any semblance of a normal life whilst not under the influence, so the cycle of endless hangovers and empty bank accounts continued long past the time it ever should have.

But what if we all realised that whether or not someone is boring is entirely subjective?

"what if we all realised that whether or not someone is boring is entirely subjective?"

Since being sober:

I’ve been on double the amount of holidays I went on when I drank because I have more money.

I’ve got more friends than I ever had before, and those relationships are stronger.

I have more time for making and following through with plans. And despite the idea that not drinking means you have to sit at home alone all evening, I normally have to decline invitations because I’m already so busy! Another great thing is that I never have to cancel plans because I’m hungover anymore.

I exercise more.

My relationships are all healthier (which I would assume must mean I’m more tolerable now I don’t drink anymore?)

I’m excelling in my career.

My conversations are no longer about what drink is in my hand, or what drink I’m going to have next, or what drink I just threw up in the toilets to make more room for, you guessed it, more drink.

If I could speak to myself to judge whether I’m boring or not, and taking into consideration all of the above, I’d say that I’m far from it. But if you meet me and think I am, that’s ok too.

One thing I won’t ever be again though, is drunk.

You can see more of Scott on his Instagram, @proudandsober.