Josh's story: "Speaking openly with your children about your drinking is important for the whole family."

Josh, on behalf of Nacoa | November 2019 | 5 minutes

Having a parent who drinks too much can have a serious impact on their child’s daily life, self-esteem, and long-term mental health and wellbeing. But by talking openly and with the right support, family life can improve.

Josh's story

Be honest

If you are a parent who drinks too much, talk openly to your children about your drinking. Children can often spot that there is something wrong, even if they do not fully understand it. Don't let it get swept under the carpet.

Find support

Nacoa support anyone affected by their parent(s) drinking, including adults. Here are some of the questions that children often ask about alcohol and the effects on them and their family. For more information, visit, call 0800 358 3456 or email [email protected]. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.