Teatime with Caggie Dunlop and Africa Brooke

Caggie Dunlop | January 2021 | 6 minutes

Podcast host and former Made In Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop and mindset coach Africa Brooke talk Dry January®, sober curiosity and a whole lot of tea.

Part of a new miniseries in association with Caggie Dunlop for Dry January®.

Caggie Dunlop says...

"As someone who has been sober curious for quite a while I wanted to open up the conversation around alcohol - as it’s Dry January® plus a global pandemic it’s a topic that needs attention right now. So in association with Alcohol Change UK's Dry January® I created a little teatime series talking with a few friends about their sober curious journeys. I hope it inspires some of you who are wanting to cut down or address your relationship with alcohol to do so and remember it’s a process. First up we have the one and only Africa Brooke who had a very similar relationship to alcohol as I did. Hope you enjoy our teatime sessions."