Try Dry®: The Official Guide to a Month Off Booze

Maddy Lawson | December 2018 | 7 minutes

The Try Dry book is your guide to a month alcohol-free, written by Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January®.


The Try Dry book is an inspirational guide to cutting back on alcohol for anybody wanting to discover the financial, health and lifestyle benefits of trying dry for a month. The book will take you through from planning for your month, to the day to day, to the physical effects, to what comes next. If you've got a question about trying dry, this book will have the answer.

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Whether you're a Daily Tippler, a Weekender, an Unwinder or a Both Ends of the Candle-er, The Try Dry book will lead you through each stage of your booze-free challenge - from 'coming out' to friends and family, to sober dating, setbacks, cravings, going out and staying in. Deeper sleep, reduced anxiety, improved mood, clearer skin, more energy and of course, extra cash, are just a few of a whole host of benefits to be gained from trying dry.

Key lessons in the book include:

  • How to turn down booze without sounding like a bore
  • What to say to the naysayers, saboteurs and other prophets of doom
  • How to get through that dreaded social event without reaching for the bottle
  • How long a craving really lasts… (you’ll be surprised!)
  • How much cash you can actually save

With invaluable expertise and resources from Lauren Booker, Alcohol Consultant at Alcohol Change UK, the Try Dry book is your ultimate guide to a booze-free month.

What people are saying about Try Dry: The Official Guide to a Month Off Booze:

"Incredible! I wouldn’t have completed Dry January® if it wasn’t for this book! It’s such an incredible book and I learned so much, a lot which I still use now! If you’re considering buying...get it!"

"Downloaded this book as I impulsively decided to do the Dry January® challenge. So glad I did. Packed with great ideas and resources and so funny in places. Love the style of the writing. As though the author was just having a chat. Definitely not a preachy book about never drinking again. Just lots of facts and anecdotes."