Drop Bear Bonfire Stout

English | Cymraeg

A review of Drop Bear Bonfire Stout.

ABV: less than 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 69 (21 per 100ml)
Score: 4 out of 5

You’ve got to hand it to Drop Bear: they certainly look like they’re having a great time making all this alcohol-free beer! They have to be some of the most up-beat, as well as some of the most innovative, brewers on the planet. And this Bonfire Stout is one of their best.

It’s packaged, appropriately, in black, with the legendary ferocious koala snarling on the front. As you might expect with a name like Bonfire Stout, it’s got a strong roasted grain flavour. It’s similar in some ways to Guinness Original, with a sharp, bitter taste, loaded with dark chocolate. If you don’t like full-flavoured stouts, this is probably too bitter for you. On the other hand, if you’re a stout fan, Bonfire Stout is an ideal alcohol-free choice for you.

The brewers recommend serving it very cold. We thought it was much better at room temperature. Take your pick.

You can buy it from a host of online and real-world sellers.

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