BrewDog Raspberry Blitz

English | Cymraeg

A review of BrewDog Raspberry Blitz - another off the wall low-alcohol beer form Brewdog.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories per can: 28 (9 per 100ml)

We don’t know quite what to think about this one! As we’ve come to expect from BrewDog, this beer is a bit off-the-wall.

It looks like Tizer and has more bubbles than Matey. It’s got a lovely raspberry aroma – “more fruit than the State of California” according to the blurb on the can – and an incredibly bitter flavour (“with hints of fromage frais and citrus peel” or so they say).

We have to be honest: none of our taste-testers liked it the first time around. That said, returning to it again, we’re starting to appreciate it. It’s the beer equivalent of ordering a vindaloo by mistake – it’s a bit much at first but then you kind of want to keep going.

If you’re one of the many trend-setters driving the growth of sour beer at the moment, this may be your 0.5% ABV heaven.

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