Drop Bear Tropical IPA

English | Cymraeg

A review of Drop Bear Tropical IPA - a lovely, hoppy IPA with a complex taste.



ABV: less than 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 28 (7½ per 100ml)

We’ve reviewed beers from England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Sweden. This may be our first Welsh beer. Well, sort of. It’s creators are based in Swansea, although at the moment the beer comes from a brewery in Yorkshire (which was Welsh, but only until the sixth century). They tell us that production will be moving west of Offas’s Dyke as soon as they can sort it, which is good news for every proud Welshman and woman.

But enough about geography. “What’s the beer like?” we hear you ask. In short, it’s very good. It’s got a lovely amber colour and plenty of life. It’s got more hops that their Yuzu Pale Ale, and a more complex taste overall. It’s also got some decent body, which is always hard to do in an alcohol-free beer. In July 2020, it was proclaimed Best IPA at the Imbibe No-and-Low Awards. So, if you like good ale, go and find yourself some.

And if you’re wondering what the Drop Bear is, it’s an urban legend told by Australians to spook tourists. It’s become so popular, it has its own page on the Australian Museum website.

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