Fungtn Reishi Citra

English | Cymraeg

A review of Fungtn Reishi Citra - a classic lager taste with a citrus hint.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories: 99 (30 per 100 ml)

This is a guest review by Henry Forrest of the Alcohol-Free Explorers blog. Henry can be found on Twitter @HoppyAF

Funtgn is the first “adaptogenic” alcohol-free beer brewery. Zoey Henderson created Fungtn to combine a new-found love of alcohol-free beer and a long-time obsession with mycoadaptogens. What are mycoadaptegens, you ask? Good question. The short answer is that they are herbal (in this case mushrooms) medicines, which are said to counteract the effects of stress in the body. Zoey found that lockdown in early 2020 finally gave her the time to bring Fungtn into the world: “Changing the way people think about drinking, bringing more mindful choices and ancient wisdom into everyday ceremony”.

Fungtn have three beers in their core range: Chaga Lager, Lion’s Mane IPA and Reishi Citra – which is what I’ve been drinking. All the beers are branded with the same isometric shapes, depicting a simple but lovely mushroom design. The only difference is the use of the branded colour scheme, making it easy to identify each beer.

The Reishi Citra pours to a lovely hazy pale wheat colour and you immediately get a hit of classic lager smells as you open the bottle. I found it quite carbonated, but aside from that there are some deep earthy, malty lager flavours through – making it a richer tasting lager than most of the market. There is a subtle citrus coming through and it finishes with a bitter (but pleasant) aftertaste.

It’s an enjoyable beer, and if you are interested in the potential benefits from the mushrooms then it’s well worth picking some up.

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