Infinite Session American Pale Ale

English | Cymraeg

A review of Infinite Session American Pale Ale - loaded with tropical New World hops.



ABV: 0.5%
Calories per bottle: 36 (11 per 100ml)

The interesting new alcohol-free pale ales just keep coming! This one is an American Pale Ale, from two of the hippest-looking brewers, in London’s increasingly hip East End.

They’re aiming, very sensibly, for what is clearly a big market – people who like good beer, and don’t want to stop drinking good beer, but do want to drink less alcohol (but probably not give up alcohol all together). “The party doesn’t stop when the alcohol does” is the motto. “Making great beers that help keep your session going” is the stated aim.

Did they succeed? Yes, indeed! Infinite Session has a beautiful amber colour, and hops – lots of hops! In fact, it’s made with five types of hops and six malts, which is quite impressive. According to the brewers, it’s loaded with tropical New World hops. That’ll be the American bit, then, and what gives it its refreshing bitter flavour. As with most of the other pales ales on this page, if bitter isn’t your thing, you’re unlikely to like this – but we do have plenty of other beer options for you.

If there’s any criticism to make, we’d say that this beer lacks the complexity of Big Drop Pale Ale, which has much clearer citrus and spice notes. But overall, we say yes to another Infinite Session.

It also comes in some of the best bottles – definitely putting some distance between it and some of the supermarket own-brand packing.

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