Lowlander IPA

English | Cymraeg

A review of Lowlander IPA - a refreshing sundowner with a bright and light flavour.



ABV: less than 0.3%
Calories per bottle: TBC

This review is by our guest author Trevor Twohig

This beer, from Dutch brewery Lowlander, is an absolute delight. In fact, it was a shame I only had one to try, if I’m honest. I went on their website to look for more and found they had sold out. I am not surprised!

It boasts mango, cardamom and orange peel as its standout flavours, and it does not disappoint. A refreshing sundowner with a bright and light flavour. As it says on the label: tropical, juicy and guaranteed elephant-proof! (Elephants don’t like citrus apparently!)

In keeping with the Dutch theme, the predominant packaging colour is orange. The imagery harks back to colonial times and appears to depict a monkey smoking a pipe whilst riding an elephant!

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