Nirvana Kosmic Stout

English | Cymraeg

A review of Nirvana Kosmic Stout - a completely alcohol-free stout from one of Britain's most interesting breweries.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per bottle: TBC

Nirvana has to be one of Britain’s most interesting breweries. And this is one of their most interesting beers. Like their Tantra pale ale, this is a totally alcohol-free brew, meaning it’s suitable for those of us seeking (for whatever reason) to avoid alcohol entirely, as well as anyone simply trying to drink a bit more healthily.

As with the other Nirvana beers, the presentation is great, making sure the bottle stands out alongside some of the less inspiring offerings in the supermarkets. It’s a design that suggests that this beer sits somewhere near the top end of the alcohol-free market.

Once poured, it’s got a beautiful dark chocolate colour. There’s a hint of liquorice in the taste, but what it reminds us of most is Lyle’s Black Treacle (a blast from the past that brought back an Oor Wullie-related Proustian memory for one of our beer tasters). There’s none of the bitterness you’d usually expect in a stout. So, if you’re looking for a low-alcohol (although not quite alcohol-free) take on a traditional stout, we’d probably point you in the direction of Big Drop. On the other hand, if you fancy trying one of the most original and inventive dark beers on the market, grab yourself a bottle of Kosmic.

And there’s an interesting little family connection between Nirvana and FitBeer, in that the two head brewers are brother and sister.

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