Tesco Finest Sparkling Chenin Blanc

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Our review of Tesco Finest Sparkling Chenin Blanc



ABV: 0.5%

Calories per 250ml glass: 158 (474 per bottle)

Score: 1 out of 5

When Tesco’s new range of alcohol-free wines was launched in 2016 it was said to be “almost as good as the real thing”. We’re afraid we don’t quite concur.

This wine is produced for Tesco by South African vintner Hermias Hugo, who seems to know his stuff. Unfortunately, this is not his best work.

It pours nicely with loads of bubbles, and it’s got a lovely colour, but it’s really gassy and way too sweet. This may explain why it has more than double the calories of some of the other wines on this page.

The plastic cork is pretty awful too, and makes the whole thing feel a bit cheap.

On the plus side, it is suitable for vegetarians.

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