Class 7BB’s sell out bake sale supports Alcohol Change UK!

March 2023 | 6 minutes

We were delighted when Thomasin Procter, teacher at St Gabriel's College in Camberwell (London), approached us because her Year 7 class (7BB) had chosen Alcohol Change UK to support.

Class 7BB were working with the First Give Explorer Programme, who empower young people to ignite a spark of social conscience. As part of the programme they had to choose a local charity to research and to raise awareness and funds for and then compete with a pitch to receive £1,000 for the charity of choice.

The students had lots of ideas about how they could fundraise for Alcohol Change UK, including selling their own possessions, but they decided to go for a tried and tested bake sale (who doesn’t like cake!). To help prepare for their bake sale they arranged a Zoom call with Robin, our Community and Challenge Events Manager at Alcohol Change UK, to find out more information about the charity and to get fundraising advice. Robin said:

It was fantastic to meet 7BB on Zoom, they were all very excited and enthusiastic about their bake sale. They had some interesting and delving questions about the charity, and they were intrigued by my advice about how to make their bake sale a success. They also absolutely loved that we would send them t-shirts and pin badges to help raise awareness.

When the goodies arrived, the students were crowding around Thomasin at lunchtime, extremely excited by the T-shirts and badges. The bake sale proved to be a success; “They generated a real scrum and sold out of cakes in about 20 minutes flat (hence the rather empty photo). They raised £50 on the day with other donations coming in on the JustGiving page. They really enjoyed it, especially wearing the t-shirts!” said Thomasin.

After the bake sale it was time to focus on preparations for the First Give Explorer pitch which was due a week later. They used all the information they had researched, the answers to all their Zoom questions, plus the experience and knowledge learnt from the bake sale to get their pitch ready. On their pitch Thomasin said, “7BB did really well, but sadly didn't win the £1,000 charity donation. A rapping, rival group pipped us to the post! They really enjoyed working with Alcohol Change UK, though, and many thanks again for the support. The students were all still proudly wearing their pin-badges on their blazers a week after the pitch.”

They may not have won the big prize, but 7BB did some great fundraising, raised lots of awareness for the charity and more importantly they’ve learnt a lot of new skills and knowledge as part of the process. A massive thank you to 7BB and Thomasin, as well as everyone that bought a cake, for your amazing support of Alcohol Change UK.

If you’re a school, college or university that would like to fundraise and raise awareness for Alcohol Change UK, like 7BB, please contact the team to discuss how we can support you.