Valentine’s Day is all about love, not alcohol

February 2024 | 7 minutes

Whether you’re seeing someone new, you’re in a long-term relationship, or just feel like celebrating with your friends. Valentine’s Day can feel like one of those days where we inevitably open a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Many of us drink alcohol because we feel it gives us confidence in certain situations, and dating is one of them. The very thought of dating without alcohol can set off alarm bells. Alcohol tends to be used to overcome social awkwardness and lubricate the conversation, so naturally dates tend to equal drinking at bars or out at dinner to give ourselves some liquid courage.

Despite alcohol appearing as a default this Valentine’s Day, your relationship with your partner, your friends and even yourself can be strengthened by ditching the alcohol and having more meaningful and intentional conversations with the people you love!

Making the day special without alcohol

Let’s be honest, even if you are in a committed relationship, sober dates can appear unexciting. Especially if you find most quality time with your partner revolves around drinking together. Why not try to make the evening special without alcohol?

It’s all about being intentional with your time together. Why not get cosy and have a movie night in? A nice bit of quality time together is exactly what Valentine’s Day is about!

If you feel like being really nostalgic, the perfect way to make the day special is to look back at old memories through photos – this one is particularly good if you’ve been together for a while. Get some of your favourite snacks and stay in for an evening of reminiscing over good times and thinking ahead to the memories you’ll create. No alcohol needed!

Don’t let deciding to keep the day alcohol-free stop you from going out for a nice meal though. So many bars have amazing alcohol-free drinks selections so you can still pop a bottle and cheers to celebrate your relationship together.

Spending the day with your friends

Now if you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be an annoying one and maybe you’ve decided to spend it with your friends and have a Galentine’s night out. Going into this kind of evening can appear really boozy, but it doesn’t have to be!

Celebrating the day with your friends sounds like a great idea to us. Think a night in with films, snacks and spa vibes and just relax with your friends. You can take it as cliché as you like, with chocolate covered strawberries and all the Valentine’s snacks galore. If you’re just wanting to spend time with your friends though, a walk in the park with a coffee, or a brunch is also a great wholesome day with the people you love too.

Having some ‘me’ time

It's also entirely a good idea to just spend some time with yourself – give yourself a well-deserved rest and reward. Create your own date night; book a massage, get a facial, take yourself to dinner, cook that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Today is the perfect opportunity to prioritise self-love. Deciding to not drink alcohol is a subconscious effort to prioritise ourselves and our health.

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is about showing love to yourself and the people around you. Celebrating the day alcohol-free will allow you to pour deeper into those relationships.

If you want to find out more about how alcohol affects your relationships, or if you’re worried about a loved one’s drinking, check out our factsheet on alcohol and relationships.

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