Week thirteen: Let’s have a debrief

Millie Gooch | June 2023 | 6 minutes

Hurrah, congrats, well done! It’s officially the end of Sober Spring and what a pleasure it’s been to drop into your inbox every week. Whether you took on the full thirteen weeks or not, you should be immensely proud of yourself for deciding to undertake this challenge and I hope you plan to celebrate!

With that in mind and before I let you go; it would be silly for me not to take this chance to give you some final words of wisdom… and slight warning.

So, for the final time, here are my top-tips for marking the end of this momentous occasion:

1. Be mindful of your tolerance

Forgive me, but this one is more health and safety advice than anything. This period of abstinence means that your tolerance to alcohol will undoubtably be lower, meaning it will take far fewer drinks to affect you than it normally would. If you do plan to return to drinking, be sure to ease in slowly or else you might be in for quite a shock – and a pretty gnarly hangover.

2. Summarise your story

Perhaps it’s just me who enjoys it when the endings of things are neatly wrapped up, but I always think taking time to reflect on the past few months is the perfect opportunity to understand what you’ve learned and how you’ll use it to inform your choices going forward. Whether you want to write a few reflections down or go full on report-card, taking a bit of time to sum up any changes you’ve noticed or revelations that might have occurred can be super beneficial.

3. Spread the word

Put it this way, the more people who hear about Sober Spring, the more normalised taking a seasonal break from alcohol will become – making it easier for everyone all round. If you can help us spread the word about the campaign, not only will we be forever grateful but you never know who might be inspired to take on the challenge! Thank you.

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