Week two: Are you really depriving yourself?

Millie Gooch | March 2023 | 6 minutes

When it comes to turning your back on alcohol, there are a fair few myths out there. ‘It’s boring’, ‘it’s extreme’ and my least favourite – ‘it’s deprivation’. Giving up drinking is often seen as the ultimate punishment. Even the term ‘giving up’ (which I am terribly guilty of using) feeds into this idea that not drinking is a sacrifice, a loss.

I’m Millie Gooch, founder of the Sober Girl Society, here to bring you some brilliant tips on tackling Sober Spring – the three-month break from alcohol.

But strangely, what I have found is the complete opposite to the above. I have more time, more money, more energy, more confidence, more, more, more. Not drinking has only come with a host of positive benefits which has led me to conclude that, it was alcohol that deprived me of all these things.

Creating an abundance mindset around not drinking and focusing on what you gain (rather than lose) can be so helpful when it comes to sticking to a sober or sober curious lifestyle so here are my top tips for battling the deprivation myth:

Keep a gains list

Notice you’re sleeping better? Jot it down! Feel really content on a Sunday? Keep a note! Making a list of everything you consider to be a benefit along the way will serve as a great physical reminder when you need it most. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives so reaffirming the positives will help cement the idea that this isn’t a chore!

Think about what you might spend the extra money on

It’s no secret that alcohol comes at a price and taking three months off means you should have a bit extra in the bank. Think about how you’re going to spend the extra cash – maybe a nice meal at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to? Maybe a pair of new trainers? You can even go as far as to print out a picture and stick it on the fridge to remind you of something you’re working towards.

Start something new

Another great physical reminder of why you’re doing this could be to start something at the beginning of this period and aim to finish it by the time it’s done. It could be reading a book, finishing a series you’ve always wanted to watch or if you’re more artistically inclined maybe a painting or patchwork project that you can keep for years to come.

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