Autism, alcohol and other substances

English | Cymraeg

6 September 2021
9:30 - 12:45
Online seminar

If you missed this ground-breaking seminar hosted by Alcohol Change UK, the University of Bath and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, you can watch it now!

Autistic people are as likely to experience substance use issues as anyone else. But when they do, they find it much harder to get the support they need. This half-day event lifted the lid on this overlooked and under-researched topic.

For just £10, you can access the four expert video presentations on the range of substance use issues that autistic people may face in their lives, and how services can support them better:

  • Dr Julia Lewis, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Gwent Specialist Substance Misuse Service: ‘Yes, autistic people drink!’
  • Cathie Long, Independent Social Worker: ‘In the thick of it: perspectives from the frontline of autism social work'
  • Daniel Hua, University of Bath: ‘It’s not just about alcohol: autistic people’s use of cannabis and cannabidiol'
  • Dr Sally Adams, University of Bath: ‘Working with neuro-diverse drinkers’

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