Alcohol Change UK’s annual conference: Reaching out

English | Cymraeg

18 October 2023 - 19 October 2023

Supporting services to engage with the most vulnerable drinkers

If you missed out on our online conference in October 2023, you can watch the event now!

The people facing the most serious alcohol issues often face the greatest difficulties accessing the support they need. At this online learning event, we heard from people with personal and professional experience about how we can reach out better.

For just £30, you can access video content from all 10 presentations given by our range of expert speakers across the two-day learning event.

If you want to make sure alcohol support services reach those in greatest need, then this content is a must-watch.

When you place your order, we will send you a link to the content so that you can watch and re-watch at a time that suits you!

Presentations included in your order are as follows:

  • Jo Huey: Living with someone else’s alcohol dependency
  • Mike Ward: Why cognitive impairment is about much more than ARBD
  • Ruth Reilly and Dr Natalie Lewin: Nursing in the streets: outreach to vulnerable drinkers outdoors
  • Sarah Vaille & colleagues: Assertive street outreach by peer supporters
  • Alex Osmond: Housing First approaches post pandemic
  • Recovery Cymru: Voices of experience: every recovery journey is different
  • Swansea NPT 360: Meeting multiple overlapping unmet needs
  • Rob Stebbings: “It affects every aspect of our life”: Adults living with an intimate partner’s alcohol abuse
  • Cherie Keenan: Working with women experiencing sexual exploitation
  • Gemma Yarwood: End-of-life care for people with substance use issues

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