Rebuild and recover: reducing alcohol harm and remaking connections in the post-pandemic world

English | Cymraeg

22 September 2021 - 23 September 2021
09:30 - 15:45
Online conference

Access the video presentations from Alcohol Change UK’s annual online conference, held in September 2021

Great news! If you missed out on our annual online conference in September 2021, you can tune in now!

For just £30, you can access video content from the 11 presentations given by our range of expert speakers, totalling over five hours of content.

The event provided an opportunity to reflect on the reasons people drink, and the many routes to harm reduction and recovery for a diverse population; and to learn the lessons of the lockdown and understand how best to respond to the challenges of the post-pandemic world.

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Presentations included in your order:

  • Dr Lee Hogan and members of Moving On In My Recovery (MOIMR): “Meeting up at a distance: Providing peer support in the pandemic”
  • Prof Katy Holloway and Martin Blakebrough: “Online, offline: How can services support people when and where they need it?”
  • Dr Emmert Roberts: “Everyone in! What can we learn about alcohol harm reduction from the hotel-based emergency housing programme?”
  • Millie Gooch: “Sober millennials: Changing how we think about not drinking”
  • Cari Evans: “Getting to work: Peer mentoring people with substance use issues into employment”
  • Charlotte Waite: “Co-creating a recovery: What if more resources and more services are not the answer?”
  • Hugh Davenport and Amanda Mitchell: “Locked down, topping up”
  • Dr Richard Piper: “Working from home, drinking at work?”
  • Justina Murray: “Stay home, stay safe? Supporting the families of drinkers through lockdown and beyond”
  • Recovery Cymru’s peer supporters: “The power of peer support: New approaches, and barriers removed”
  • Sohan Sahota: “Drinking undercover: Facing up to alcohol issues in communities where drinking is taboo”

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