Mikkeller Beer Geek Flat White

English | Cymraeg

A review of Mikkeller Beer Geek Flat White.

ABV: 0%
Calories per bottle: TBC
Score: 3 out of 5

Some of the best alcohol-free beers have some unexpected extra ingredient that makes them stand out. In this case, there’s immediately a strong smell of coffee on opening the bottle. So much so that it’s hard not to imagine that you’ve just stumbled into an Italian café.

The drink pours raven black, with an impressive initial head that, unfortunately, doesn’t stick around for long. We’ve not sampled the alcoholic version of this stout, but comparisons would perhaps be unfair anyway, given that it’s pretty strong at 7.5%. Nevertheless, we thought this alcohol-free version tasted pretty boozy, even without the alcohol, and offers a decent alternative. It has a creamy feel, but with a roasty, bitter after-taste that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee).

Apparently, the Mikkeller Brewery started around 15 years ago when Mikkel, a Danish mathematics teacher, started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast. We’re not entirely convinced that the sums add up with this one, but if you like a stout, it certainly worth a try. It’s available from Drydrinker.

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